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Other forms of sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2021 | Sexual Harassment

The #metoo movement began a shift in the way men conduct themselves in the workplace. Companies may have created stricter policies dealing with sexual harassment, but that does not mean it is no longer happening.

Recognizing what constitutes sexual harassment is not always easy. Aside from overt and physical movements, there are other subtle ways a male in the office may harass a female coworker. Find out some of the signs that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Getting personal

The workplace is not the place to discuss personal issues, especially intimate ones. A male coworker who repeatedly tells stories about his sex life without permission is committing sexual harassment. The coworker may try to gauge the female’s willingness to listen and at some point take this as an invitation to ask her out or make a physical move on her.

Sharing photographs

With smartphones, it is easy to scroll through any website and find every measure of content. Pornographic images are easy to find and share. When a male employee starts sharing these with a female worker, it rises to sexual harassment. While discomfort may prompt the female to remain quiet, the male may take this as implied consent and send pictures of himself to her.

One of the most egregious acts of sexual harassment comes when a superior implies that a sexual favor is necessary to get ahead. However, this is not the only thing to watch out for when it comes to sexual harassment. If anything causes discomfort or fear, informing the proper company representative is tantamount to stopping it.