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4 common types of construction accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2021 | Injuries

If you work at construction sites, you face physically demanding labor every day. Working on a construction site is also dangerous, and many serious and fatal accidents happen every year.

According to U.S. Department of Labor, 5,333 workers died while at work in 2019. Although there are countless ways you could get injured or die while working construction, these are some of the most common accidents.

1. Slip and fall accidents

Tools, debris and extra materials often litter construction sites, making it easier to trip and fall. Many sites also have slippery surfaces that can cause trip and fall accidents.

2. Explosion accidents

Even if an exposed wire does not electrocute you, it can still spark and cause an explosion or fire. A gas leak can cause an explosion as well.

3. Falling debris accidents

You may have to use building materials, tools and scaffolding at heights. These supplies can cause serious injuries if they fall from up above and land on you.

4. Ground or trench collapses

Constructing new buildings often requires the use of trenches and excavating the ground below. This can make construction sites and the surrounding areas unstable, which can increase your risk of falling into a trench and having it collapse on you.

Even if you follow all recommended safety procedures, the risk of getting into a construction accident does not go away. If you do get injured at work, workers’ compensation benefits can help you cover the cost of necessary medical care and rehabilitation treatment.