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How to protect yourself from a motorcycle accident this summer

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Getting out on the open road is one of the main reasons people chose to ride motorcycles. Unfortunately, when an accident occurs between a motor vehicle and a motorcycle, the results are nearly always catastrophic.

Keeping yourself safe while riding is especially important during the summer months, as more drivers are traveling throughout New York. Here are a few ways to keep yourself safe on your motorcycle.

Increase your visibility

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 5,000 motorcyclists were killed in accidents in 2019. While not all of these fatalities were likely caused by low visibility, making sure other drivers see you when out on the road can help keep you safe. Wear bright colors and reflective items, and turn your headlights on day or night.

Wear the right gear

Riding a motorcycle without a helmet may feel like a statement, but it is a very bad idea. The risk of a brain injury when helmetless is significantly higher. A full-face helmet approved by the Department of Transportation is a must.

Drive defensively

Be on the lookout for other cars on the road, and make sure you follow all traffic rules. When you drive responsibly, you can decrease your risk of getting in an accident. It is especially important to be aware when you come to intersections since that is where the majority of motorcycle crashes occur.

While you cannot control other drivers, these safety tips can help you stay out of harm’s way as much as possible.