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Who is liable if you get injured in an Uber?

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

If people get into collisions while riding in an Uber and suffer injuries, they may wonder where to turn for help with the resulting expenses. Although they contracted their drivers through the popular rideshare app, the drivers do not work for Uber. Rather, they classify as independent contractors.

Knowing who bears responsibility for the costs may help people receive fair compensation for their accident-caused injuries.

Liability of the other driver

When another motorist crashes with an Uber driver, that motorist generally bears financial responsibility for the resulting injuries and losses. According to state law, if the court establishes contributory negligence, then injury victims may only recover damages attributable to the driver’s proportion of fault. For example, the court decides one driver bears 70% responsibility for causing a wreck and the other motorist bears 30% responsibility. An injury victim set to recover $100,000 for his or her injuries may only receive up to $70,000, or 70%, from the first driver.

Commercial coverage in local compliance

According to Uber.com, contracted drivers must maintain insurance in compliance with their local state laws. In New York City, to operate a vehicle on the Uber app, drivers qualify as for-hire. Therefore, they must maintain a commercial auto insurance policy, as well as meet various other requirements as specified by the city. If an Uber driver causes a collision, then his or her commercial policy will typically cover the damages resulting from injuries they, their passengers or others involved suffer.

Recovering compensation for losses after getting into an Uber accident may provide vital support as people heal from their injuries, making it important for passengers to understand their rights before hailing a ride.