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Construction site accidents and their aftermath

Construction sites are fraught with danger. Extreme heights and the constant movement of heavy machinery can create serious peril.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration annually lists frequently cited construction site violations. Understanding them and their potential consequences should spur renewed attention on safety.

Frequent construction site accidents

Falls are one of the most commonplace construction site accidents. Scaffolding collapses, missing guardrails, and unstable walkways set the stage for serious harm. Spilled solvents, such as paints and cleaning fluids, are equally hazardous.

Construction workers often face exposure to elevated concentrations of silica, which are carcinogenic. To avoid respiratory issues, everyone on-site must wear a protective facemask. N95 respirators are a good example. Site managers who do not provide them could be liable.

Eyes are delicate. Protection, such as goggles and face shields, must be available. These are especially vital for those who engage in gas or metal-arc welding.

Improper use of machinery often causes injury. Rotating gears that create sparks or could catch clothing need specialized guarding. The use of spindles, flywheels, and pulleys requires following specific worker protocols.

Frequent construction site accident consequences

When incidents occur, OSHA can issue fines for related violations. Under particularly egregious abuses, sites face the prospect of a complete shutdown.

Under most circumstances, workers’ compensation is enough. Payment usually covers the economic burden of treating injuries and missing work. Sometimes, the amount is inadequate or insurance does not exist. Under these circumstances, suing may be the correct response.

Construction accidents can be devastating and, in some instances, fatal. Maintain vigilance anywhere buildings are being erected.