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Steps to handle sexual harassment at work

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2022 | Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can be an uncomfortable situation for many employees. When they experience this treatment, people may not always know what to do. There are several steps workers can take when they experience sexual harassment.

According to the Muse, employees could speak to the person who is harassing them. People could explain that they are uncomfortable with the attention and do not like the language that the other person has used. Sometimes, this may be enough to resolve a situation. However, if the other person continues the harassment, employees need to consider other options.

Make a formal complaint

Many companies have policies for reporting sexual harassment. Employees should typically review these policies so that their complaint reaches the correct person. They may have to make a report to their supervisor, for example, or they may need to speak to the other person’s manager. When people speak to these figures, it may help if they explain that they have already tried to resolve the situation on their own. Once employees make their complaints, the relevant supervisor usually begins an investigation

Keep documentation

If people want to make a complaint, it may help if they have a written record of the treatment they have experienced. Inc Magazine says that this record should include when and where the sexual harassment took place. Employees should write down the dates of each incident, as well as what the other person said to them. If other colleagues witnessed the harassment, people could write down their names. Additionally, they could ask these witnesses to provide a written statement.

Once people report sexual harassment, their employers should do everything possible to resolve the situation. However, if a company does not respond to the complaint, workers may need to seek outside help.