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What makes texting and driving such a dangerous combination?

Many behaviors on the road could potentially put the driver at risk. Distracted driving behaviors specifically create a categorically large risk that drivers face every time they engage.

Some distracted driving behaviors serve as a bigger danger than others, though. Texting while driving is one of the riskiest of them all, but why is this the case?

What makes a safe driver?

SafeWise looks into the correlation between texting while driving and an increase in potentially deadly crashes. To understand why texting and driving pose a threat, it is important to understand how driver distraction works in the first place.

A safe driver will have three things, in particular, going on for them. First, they will keep their hands on the wheel at all times. Second, they will keep their eyes on the road. Finally, they will keep their mind on driving. This is the best way to drive, as it allows one to spot dangers and react quickly, avoiding potentially disastrous situations.

Distractions will often increase in potential risk and severity depending on how thoroughly they distract a driver. For example, changing the temperature of a car may take a hand off the wheel and might even briefly take a driver’s eyes from the road, but it serves as a relatively low-risk distraction.

Three-pronged distractions

On the other hand, texting will often create distractions in all three categories. Not only are drivers’ hands and eyes busy, but their attention is likely on the conversation as well. This is why texting while driving accidents tend to have such catastrophic injuries or even deaths involved. A driver unfortunately simply does not have the time or ability to react to sudden dangers fast enough.