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Can a TBI affect your personality?

After suffering from a blow to the head during a car crash, chances are high that you will also suffer from some form of brain trauma or injury. Especially in the case of traumatic brain injury (TBI), you will likely deal with numerous other effects to the mind and body.

Even your personality could undergo potential changes, along with your behavior.

Effects of car crashes

Mayo Clinic discusses the way traumatic brain injuries can affect car crash victims. Most stories tend to focus on the physical effects, which can have crippling repercussions that take victims years to recover from.

However, the emotional and mental effects can sometimes be just as pronounced, if not more so. Many of the loved ones of victims report noticing the difference that behavioral and personality changes make with greater frequency than anything else.

Frontal lobe damage

This is particularly true of victims who suffer from injury to the frontal lobe, which controls impulse and agitation. Victims with injuries in this area tend to seem more rash, less understanding, prone to more violence and lashing out, and easier to agitate. They cannot control their words or actions as well, which can lead to saying or doing things that they regret.

On top of that, you may find yourself suddenly incapable of dealing with the small, daily stressors that you once faced without a second thought. This is due to the impairment to coping that TBIs often cause. It is also a huge problem for workers, because you may find yourself emotionally breaking down while on the job.

Because of how crippling some of these effects are, you may find yourself poised for the ability to collect financial compensation.