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Understanding different types of car insurance

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2022 | Car Accidents

One way to receive compensation for a motor vehicle accident is by making an insurance claim. Immediately get in touch with your representative when you are in one. No matter who is at fault, your insurance company will play a part in making you whole.

Unfortunately, the auto insurance claims process can be confusing. Filing is especially complex because of the many types. A personal injury professional with experience can help with the process.

Liability insurance

Drivers with this type of coverage have protection against damages from a wreck. Most states mandate that drivers get a set amount of liability insurance. Some motorists may decide to buy more, thus increasing how much their policies pay. If the coverage of the at-fault driver is a higher amount, there is less of a chance suing will be necessary.

Collision coverage

This type of insurance reimburses drivers for auto repairs due to an accident. It may not be worth getting collision coverage for older vehicles. If your ride is unfixable, you only get its current value. Sports or luxury vehicles, though, are prime candidates for this style of protection. Note that collision coverage may be mandatory in your state.

Personal injury protection

The costs associated with medical attention from an accident add up in no time. Personal injury protection can help pay for any necessary doctor services. It does not matter who is at fault for the accident.

Many types of insurance protect drivers. Getting insurers to pay after an incident can be a challenge. Requesting reimbursement is easier when you know what styles are available.