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Defensive driving tips that can help you prevent accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you asked people you know whether they think they are good drivers, a vast majority of them would say, “Yes!” However, you have probably observed others whose driving actually scared you.

Unfortunately, you cannot avoid every car accident, but you can prevent some. These are a few driving tips that can help you avoid these incidents.

Reduce distractions

The best way to get into an accident is to drive distracted. Although you cannot eliminate all distractions all the time, you can eliminate some. For example, put your cell phone on silent and place it away from you. Avoid pulling out your phone at red lights or in heavy traffic. Also, avoid eating while you are driving and try to quiet your passengers.

Use passing lanes sparingly

You have probably seen drivers who immediately move to the passing lane and never leave it. However, this is not the lane you should spend most of your driving time. You should move to this lane to pass a vehicle only. Staying in this lane can slow down other drivers and could cause accidents if they are unable to slow down quickly enough. Also, double-check every angle you can before changing lanes.

Drive defensively

Expect that some people do not drive safely or well. Let these drivers have the right of way. Stay back from those who swerve, dash in and out of lanes, make abrupt stops or practice other unsafe driving practices.

To avoid auto accidents, plan your trip based on the weather, traffic and your familiarity with your route. If you plan ahead, you can learn about construction and hazards before you get on the road, drive at a safe distance from other vehicles and focus on your surroundings, increasing your ability to reduce auto accidents.