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How can back injuries affect your life?

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2022 | Slip-and-fall Accidents

Dealing with back injuries is one of the biggest setbacks that a worker could potentially face in their career. Despite its commonality, these injuries have enormous impacts on a worker’s physical health.

They not only impact work, but they can affect every other aspect of a victim’s life.

Limited range of motion

Mayo Clinic discusses the impact of back injuries on a victim’s overall life. Generally speaking, back injuries occur due to strain, such as lifting too much, or impacts such as getting hit or falling. Repetitive motion and even sitting for prolonged periods of time can also lead to these injuries.

Back injuries often severely limit a person’s range of motion. After all, a person needs their back to do just about everything from sitting to standing to lying down.

Extensive healing

In order to heal properly, a person should not move excessively during the inflammation stage of their injury. This can last up to weeks in some people, though, which means workers often go back before their injury fully heals. This can lead to repeated injury to the same area, which may worsen the injury to the point that a victim needs surgery to correct it.

It also introduces a financial problem into the picture. Many workers recovering from a back injury will have very little income as they recover. At the same time, they will likely see an increase in expenses due to the care they need for their back. It creates a cyclical money-based problem.

This is why many workers seek compensation when injured on the job. It allows for coverage of some financial difficulties while dealing with healing.