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How can you avoid dooring incidents?

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Cyclists understand that sharing the road with other cars poses a major danger to them. At the same time, however, many motorists do not share this same understanding.

It is important to know just how a car can put a cyclist at risk. This allows you to reduce the behaviors that may lead to a car-bicycle crash.

The dangers of dooring

Momentum Mag discusses dooring incidents which occur to cyclists because of drivers. Dooring involves a person inside of a parked vehicle – either a passenger or the driver – opening their door without looking to see if anyone is approaching. This leads to them opening the door into, or into the path of, a cyclist.

Dooring proves dangerous in many ways. First, hitting a cyclist with a car door can knock them into traffic. Other cars may not have time to stop, which can result in the cyclist getting hit by someone else.

Next, a cyclist hitting your door can result in the same issue re: falling into traffic. It can also cause damage to the cyclist even if they do not fall into the street. They may experience broken bones, concussions and other physical trauma.

How to reduce dooring

These incidents can see a great reduction due to the actions of both cyclists and drivers. Cyclists can help themselves by riding as far away from cars as possible.

Drivers can do more work for prevention, though. Simply park as far away from bike lanes as possible. Most importantly, always check in every direction for pedestrians and cyclists alike before opening a car door.