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Who can collect workers’ compensation?

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2022 | Workers' Rights

Workers who suffer an injury on the job can find themselves in a precarious financial position. If you are unable to work you will have no income, while medical bills may be piling up in addition to your usual obligations. Your family can end up in jeopardy.

Workers who take on a dangerous job that can cause serious injuries mitigate this risk by relying on workers’ compensation.

What is workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation is insurance paid for solely by an employer. This insurance provides cash payments and covers medical care for workers who become ill or sustain an injury as a result of their job. If you suffer an injury at work you can file to have these benefits paid to you.

If the injury was my fault, can you still collect?

Workers’ compensation is available to injured or sick workers without any determination of or regard to fault. Anyone injured at work can apply for benefits.

Do you have to be a citizen to collect workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation is available to all injured employees regardless of immigration status.

Undocumented workers have the right to receive benefits for medical treatment and lost income, the same as any other worker. In addition, any surviving family members of undocumented workers killed in workplace accidents are also entitled to workers’ compensation death benefits.

If you become ill or suffer an injury as a result of your work, you can apply for workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits are available to anyone injured at work and can help protect your family while you recover.