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What is the Human Rights Law?

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2022 | Sexual Harassment

Proving any type of harassment is difficult, but pleading your case to prove sexual harassment can be very tough. Often, the laws concerning this type of harassment do not help. That is why New York lawmakers made changes to the state’s law.

The New York City Equal Employment Practices Commission explains the Human Rights Law includes a provision that makes it easier for you to make a sexual harassment claim.

Lower threshold

The Human Rights Law changed the requirements for proving something is harassment. Instead of having to ensure the situation is severe and continuous, you do not have to prove anything about the severity of the occurrences. You just have to show it happened.

Filing a complaint

You have three years from the time the harassment occurs to file a complaint. You will file your complaint with your employer or the New York State Division of Human Rights. The DHR will investigate the situation and help resolve the issue.

Other perks

The Human Rights Law also mandates training in workplaces that address sexual harassment. This is beneficial to everyone as it will ensure all employees know what constitutes harassment. It makes it easier to spot, and it eliminates the excuse that a person was unaware their actions were sexual harassment.

One of the nice things about the law is that it covers all employers. Many laws at the federal level targeting discrimination only cover larger employers. But the Human Rights Law is applicable to every employer in the state, so you always have coverage no matter where you work.