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More than 95% of hip fractures caused by falls

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2022 | Slip-and-fall Accidents

A broken hip has the potential to impact many areas of an individual’s life, and the vast majority of today’s hip fractures result from falls. Many hip fractures that occur across New York and the nation wind up requiring surgery, and the costs associated with such surgeries may prove considerable. Recovering from hip surgery also takes substantial time, and those who suffer hip fractures may need to take time off of work to recover from them and regain mobility.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an overwhelming 95% of hip fractures result from falls. In most instances, an individual suffers a hip fracture after falling sideways.

How often hip fractures happen

Research shows that more than 300,000 older adults, or adults who are at least 65, end up in the hospital each year because of hip fractures. Women are more prone to broken hips than men, and they are also more likely to fall and hurt themselves than men. Women are also more likely to develop osteoporosis, which is a common factor in both falls and hip fractures.

How to help avoid hip fractures

Older adults may want to undergo osteoporosis screenings to develop a better sense of their fall risks. Having a vision screening may also help. Older adults, many of whom may have additional risk factors for falling, may want to eliminate fall hazards in their homes and talk to their doctors about other steps they might take to reduce their chances of falling and breaking a hip.

Broken hips are among the more serious injuries individuals suffer in falls. Many older adults who break hips find themselves unable to live alone or care for themselves in the aftermath.