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Tips for preventing winter slip and fall accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2022 | Slip-and-fall Accidents

Winter brings a fresh round of dangers, including slush, snow and ice. Although proper maintenance and care can prevent slip-and-fall injuries, these accidents are more common than they should be.

You can do your part to prevent injury as well. These are a few tips to prevent you from slipping and falling on ice or snow during the winter.

Recognize common hazards

The best defense you have against a slip-and-fall accident this winter is recognizing the hazards that could lead to an accident. For example, look for puddles and wet floormats near building entrances. Watch for icy and snowy sidewalks and parking lots. Recognize uneven sidewalks, flooring or curbs as well as potholes and other damage in parking lots.

Wear appropriate footwear and clothing

Avoid shoes that do not have adequate tread. In fact, choose footwear for icy and snowy conditions. You may even add cleats to your shoes to increase your traction. You can always change your footwear when you get into a building. Also, avoid clothing that drags on the ground or impedes your ability to walk securely.

Move slowly and deliberately

Just as you should slow down your driving during the winter, you should also slow down your walking. Instead, walk in a shuffle, taking short steps so that your body remains centered and balanced. Also, walk slowly. When you step up or down, from curbs or vehicles, do so flat-footed. Also, stay on designated paths because these are typically cleared first. Also, give yourself the ability to balance yourself by keeping your hands empty and outside your pockets.

To prevent winter injuries from slip-and-fall accidents, stay vigilant, avoid distractions, and use the available tools, such as handrails and salt, to keep your footing secure.