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Women 3 times as likely as men to face workplace sex harassment

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2022 | Firm News

Workplace sexual harassment affects both men and women in New York and across the United States. Yet, women have long faced higher rates of on-the-job sexual harassment than men. While sexual harassment has the capacity to impact a victim’s professional performance and productivity, it may, too, have far-reaching effects on a victim’s mental and emotional health.

Per the Pew Research Center, a survey involving more than 4,900 working adults revealed telling information about how often women face workplace sexual harassment compared to men.

Statistics on workplace sexual harassment

Survey results showed that working women are three times as likely as working men to fall victim to sexual harassment in the workplace. While 22% of professional women say they have experienced at least one form of sexual harassment during their professional careers, only 7% of working men report the same. However, survey results also showed that the percentage of women and men who believe that sexual harassment is at least a small problem within their workplaces is almost equal.

Examples of workplace sexual harassment

Workplace sexual harassment manifests in many different forms. Sometimes, cat-calling or unwanted touching constitutes sexual harassment. Crude jokes or comments about someone’s body may also fall under the sexual harassment umbrella. So, too, might sharing risqué photos or sending sexually suggestive emails or texts. Spreading sexual rumors may, too, constitute sexual harassment, among other possible examples.

Employees maintain basic rights on the job and do not have to subject themselves to ongoing sexual harassment. New York employees who face sexual harassment at work may have state and legal protections available to them.