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Tips for avoiding riding with an impaired driver

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2022 | Car Accidents

As an adult, you often face difficult situations that require sound judgment. This includes the choice of who you ride with in a motor vehicle.

If you suspect the driver of a vehicle is in an impaired state, you should take action to reduce the danger to yourself and to the driver.

Avoid getting in the vehicle

Information from Absolute Advocacy stresses the dangers of getting into a car with a drunk driver.  The best choice comes down to refusing to ride with this person. To make sure this happens, you do have a few options.

First, if you can drive and are not impaired, you can offer to take over the driving duties. If this does not work, the second option comes down to talking the driver out of getting behind the wheel. A third option involves getting a drive home from someone else or calling a taxi or ride-sharing service.

If you have drinking planned for the evening, it helps to think ahead. Name a designated driver and make sure this person stays sober.

Persuade the impaired driver

You can try to reason with a potential drunk driver and talk him or her down from this dangerous situation. While an impaired person often does not listen, a few tips could help:

  • Talk calmly and firmly
  • Lay out better options
  • Talk about the potential legal consequences
  • Use whatever leverage you have

In addition to risking serious injury, getting into a car with an impaired driver could put you at risk of legal charges. If you do face charges, make sure to pursue all of your legal options.