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The dangers of workplace accidents in New York City

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2022 | Workplace Accidents

A World Cup security guard fell to his death while on duty at Lusail Stadium in Qatar during the 2022 games. The incident once again revealed the dangers workers face while on the job all over the world.

New York City employees regularly face hazards that could lead to death or personal injury.

Falls and Prevention

According to information from NYC Buildings, worker falls remain the most common source of injuries and deaths for all workers. The keys to prevention include making sure workers and management follow all safety precautions. Individuals should always report unsafe conditions related to a potential fall hazard. Also, workers can call 311 to notify the Department of Buildings when an employer does not provide a safe working environment.

Many workers must perform duties while on scaffolding when washing windows or repairing the face of a building. Workers must have training when working in these conditions and they should wear fall-protection PPE. To ensure the safety of those below, workers should notify management of any loose material in the work zone.

Excavation safety

City workers and contractors also face hazards when engaged in an excavation job. The employer must obtain the necessary permits for the operation and has a responsibility to follow city codes regarding safety measures. The best precautions include the following actions:

  • Checking for unsafe and unstable conditions
  • Examining the worksite after a storm
  • Properly placing shoring, sheeting and bracing mechanisms
  • Avoiding work in unsafe conditions
  • Using ladders and ramps when appropriate

While construction and building projects remain among the most dangerous jobs, other workplaces also have dangers. A commitment to safety requires employers to protect their workers.