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What are some dangers posed by power cords?

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2022 | Slip-and-fall Accidents

You expect that when you walk into a store, your paths will be clear of obstacles that could cause you to slip or trip. Falls, especially for older people, can inflict serious and even deadly injuries. Unfortunately, some business owners are negligent in keeping hazards such as power cords from causing harm to patrons.

Weekly Safety describes the dangers of the irresponsible use of power cords in a place of business or anywhere else, as well as solutions to minimize injuries.

The problems with electrical cords

An ordinary indoor power cord can become a trip risk depending on where it is. Cords should not stretch across heavily trafficked paths or doorways. Sometimes workers place cords underneath carpets or other coverings to lessen the chance that a person will trip over it. However, some coverings heighten the danger of the cord catching on fire.

Cords that are in frequently traveled locations can also acquire rips and frays that lead to burns or a fire. Additionally, too many cords add to clutter that could combust under certain circumstances.

The use of extension cords

Businesses may use extension cords when there is a maintenance project or repair job to take care of. The problem is that extension cords are not a permanent solution. A cord strung out for too long risks an unsuspecting person tripping over it. Installing more power outlets may avoid this problem.

In the event a business must use an extension cord during a period of maintenance, the owner of the property or the supervisor should mark the location with warning signs. If you know going into an area could risk your health ahead of time, you may avoid injuries and the life problems that may result from it.