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Children and bike accident injuries

Whether you have concerns about your child’s safety while they ride their bike or you currently face challenges following a traffic accident that left your child hurt, it is pivotal to closely review this issue. Sadly, children are especially vulnerable when it comes to biking and accidents on the road, and it is important to go over risk factors associated with these collisions.

Parents, drivers and young bicyclists should also look at data on these accidents in order to understand the prevalence of bike accident injuries involving kids and young adults.

Young bicyclists and the prevalence of injuries

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention points out that bicyclists between the ages of 10 and 24 make up almost one out of every three emergency department visits due to bike accident injuries. In fact, more cyclists between 10 and 24 receive emergency department treatment due to bicycle accident injuries than any other age group. Furthermore, the CDC states that the injury rate for male cyclists is five times higher than for female cyclists.

Children and bicycle safety

Children, parents and drivers should prioritize accident prevention. Drivers should remain vigilant and look out for cyclists, especially smaller children, that can become more difficult to see. Those riding bikes can wear fluorescent clothes during the day and reflective clothing at night to help drivers see them. Bicycles should also have active lighting to help drivers see the bike at night.

Unfortunately, many children and older cyclists continue to suffer injuries in bike accidents due to negligent drivers. If a drunk or distracted driver caused you or your child to suffer an injury in a bike accident, hold them accountable.