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How can a fall impact your ability to work?

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2023 | Slip-and-fall Accidents

Your ability to work often hinges on your physical wellness. This applies in many more ways than simply whether or not you can attend work without getting sick.

Anything that causes injury could impact both your ability to work and your ability to support yourself.

The physical and mental toll of injury

Mayo Clinic looks into back pain and its causes, such as back injuries. Back injuries sometimes occur on the job either due to strenuous activity, the difficult physical demands of a certain occupation, or surprise accidents that no one can predict.

Unfortunately, these back injuries can take a hefty and almost immediate toll. Back injuries affect mobility, strength and can directly determine whether or not you can complete your objectives and work for your job.

On top of that, back pain can range from irritating to truly debilitating. Due to the chronic nature of some victims’ back pain, they may develop anxiety or depression which may negatively impact their lives in other ways.

A long healing process

Unfortunately, one of the best ways to recover from back injuries of nearly any sort is through rest. However, this usually requires a victim to take a somewhat lengthy break from their job duties, and the break may last anywhere from weeks to months.

Due to the potential impact this can have on a person financially, this is why many people will take action to gain financial compensation if their work caused the back injury. It allows them to rest, recover and heal without worrying about losing too much money in the interim.