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What are some examples of police misconduct?

Members of the public expect the police to be honest, provide protection and uphold the law. However, like in any field of work, there are some members of law enforcement who intentionally or unintentionally fail to uphold the standards expected of them. When the authorities fail to meet the public’s expectations, the community’s trust in those meant to serve and protect declines.

What are some examples of police misconduct in New York?

Using more force than necessary

Sometimes, police officers need to use force when dealing with a suspect who is attempting to run away or cause harm to other people. However, in some cases, officers use more force than is necessary. An officer who tackles a small, unarmed child to the ground for stealing something of insignificant value, for instance, would likely be using excessive force.

Planting evidence

It looks good on a police force to have a high conviction rate. However, they should not use dishonest means such as planting evidence to attempt to get more convictions. When an officer plants evidence on a crime scene, they commit a serious violation of trust.

Searching a residence without a warrant

In general, members of law enforcement need to have a warrant in order to search someone’s home. However, sometimes officers commit misconduct by searching without a warrant, usually because they figure the homeowner is too scared or ill-informed to say anything about the matter.

It is important for all members of the public to be aware of the signs of police misconduct in order to ensure that their rights are not taken away.