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Tips for sharing the road with motorcycles

On Behalf of | May 31, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When you think about motorcycles, do you think they are hard to see, loud, dangerous, small, etc.? The truth is, these riders have just as much right to the road as you do, and accidents involving motorcycles are more deadly than those that do not.

In fact, the probability that a motorcyclist will die in an accident is 29 times that of those in a car, truck, etc. Therefore, these are a few tips for safely sharing the road with riders.

Stay back

It does not take nearly the time or space for a motorcycle to react as it does for a car. Instead of trying to maneuver or stop a 2000lb vehicle, their vehicle is light and responds quickly. Therefore, if you follow too closely, you can rear-end or otherwise hit a motorcycle, especially on roads with debris or heavy traffic and where you encounter inclement weather.

You should also move as far as you can from a motorcycle when you try to pass them. The wind and suction from your vehicle passing them can impact their stability. In addition, riders have the right to a full traffic lane of their own, so do not try to share their lanes.

Check your blind spots

Motorcycles are small and can easily creep into your blind spots. In addition, because of their size and shape, these vehicles can seem to blend into the landscape. Therefore, check carefully when you need to change lanes, pass, merge or turn. Always use your turn signals to keep others informed of your intention. Approach intersections, especially blind intersections, with caution.

Motorcycles do not have fender-bender accidents, and their riders often experience severe injury or death when they get into accidents. Take precautions when you share the road with riders.