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The link between weather and traffic collisions

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2023 | Car Accidents

Drivers should always pay close attention to weather conditions before getting in their car and while operating a vehicle. Bad weather can increase the chances of a motor vehicle collision in numerous ways, and these accidents cause a significant number of injuries and deaths on an annual basis. Sometimes, weather conditions seem favorable but suddenly change, making roads very dangerous.

Negligent behavior, such as speeding or intoxicated driving, becomes particularly risky when weather deteriorates. For example, someone going too fast could lose control of their vehicle when roads become slick.

Fog, precipitation and traffic collisions

The Federal Highway Administration details the risks associated with fog, precipitation and traffic crashes. Fog can prevent drivers from seeing the road and other vehicles, and it can also cause speed variance. When cars travel at very different speeds, a collision becomes more likely. Precipitation also affects visibility and can have a negative impact on traction and driver behavior. Heavy rainfall, snow, hail and ice cause many traffic crashes each year.

Wind can cause traffic collisions

Aside from fog and precipitation, other factors related to inclement weather can cause a crash. For example, wind can blow debris onto roadways and make it hard for drivers to see the road by blowing smoke, dust and snow. Strong winds can also impact vehicle stability, which becomes particularly concerning in certain instances (such as large trucks crossing bridges).

Drivers should always focus on risk factors associated with poor weather. In some instances, it is better to avoid driving because of traffic crash risks caused by bad weather and wait for conditions to improve.