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Ways to reduce distractions while driving

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Navigating the road requires your full attention, split-second decisions and a keen sense of awareness. Every day, drivers face many distractions that threaten to pull their focus from the primary task: Safe driving.

Reducing distractions is not just about personal responsibility; it also plays a role in ensuring the safety of other road users. As you take the wheel, minimizing these distractions can be the difference between a safe journey and a regrettable incident.

Settle your surroundings before driving

Before starting the engine, adjust your mirrors, seat and climate controls; set everything to your preference, so you do not have to fiddle with anything while driving. If you use a GPS device or app, input your destination beforehand.

Keep your phone out of reach

One of the most common distractions for drivers today is the smartphone. To avoid the temptation of checking a message or taking a call, place your phone on silent and keep it out of arm’s reach. If you must use it to get directions or if you know you will need to take a call, consider investing in hands-free technologies like Bluetooth or voice commands.

Limit passenger interactions

While chatting with friends or family can make a journey enjoyable, lively discussions can divert your attention from the road. Politely remind your passengers of the importance of minimizing loud conversations and sudden movements that could distract you.

Avoid eating or drinking

Balancing a drink or trying to eat while driving can be a recipe for disaster because it occupies at least one of your hands, and the risk of spills can draw your attention away from your surroundings. If you need a snack or a drink, it is safer to pull over than to try to eat while driving.

Plan your route

Knowing where you are going can significantly reduce the stress of navigating unfamiliar roads. Before you set out, familiarize yourself with the route, major landmarks and potential detours. If you end up needing to check your directions en route, find a safe spot to pull over first.

Distracted driving contributed to injuries to more than 324,000 people last year. By actively taking steps to reduce distractions, you safeguard yourself and everyone else you share the road with.