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On-the-job traffic accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2023 | Workplace Accidents

Many workers suffer injuries after falling down, using dangerous equipment or becoming exposed to toxic substances. Traffic accidents can also happen while people are at work. These accidents occur when employees are on the road as part of their job duties.

These collisions can leave workers with debilitating injuries and some claim lives.

Traffic crash risk factors

Many work-related accidents occur due to distractions. When drivers become distracted by things like cell phones, eating or talking to passengers, it increases the risk of an accident. Another factor is fatigue. If drivers become tired or drowsy, their reaction times can slow down, making it harder to avoid accidents.

Speeding can also lead to a work-related traffic collision. Driving over the speed limit can make it more difficult to control a vehicle and react to sudden changes in traffic. Furthermore, poor weather conditions such as rain, snow or fog can contribute to accidents by making the roads slippery and decreasing visibility. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 54,750 nonfatal job-related transportation accidents caused people to miss work during 2020.

Accident prevention

To stay safe on the road, those operating vehicles should follow traffic laws and obey speed limits, traffic signals and signs. Drivers should avoid distractions and take breaks when necessary. Staying alert behind the wheel and proper vehicle maintenance is also important.

Following a work-related traffic accident, those involved should stay calm, assess the situation and check for injuries. If anyone suffered an injury, they should call for medical help right away and report the accident to a supervisor or employer as soon as possible.