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Navigate winter weather safely with fall prevention tips

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2023 | Slip-and-fall Accidents

Winter weather can make it challenging to get around. Navigating slick, wet surfaces increases your risk of dangerous slip-and-fall accidents.

With the right preparation, you can avoid this type of injury during a New York winter.

Choose the right footwear

Wearing the right shoes is an essential step to stay on your feet. Opt for sneakers, work shoes or boots with slip-resistant soles to provide better traction on icy or snowy surfaces. Ensure that your footwear is in good condition, and replace pairs that have worn-down treads.

Watch your step

Stay vigilant about where you walk. Be mindful of icy patches, snow-covered areas and uneven surfaces. Taking smaller steps and walking with a slightly bent knee can help you maintain better balance. With this stance, you can also react more quickly to potential hazards.

Add surface traction

If you are responsible for maintaining outdoor spaces, consider using salt or sand to improve traction on walkways and driveways. These materials can help melt ice and provide better footing.

Clear snow promptly

Keep walkways, stairs and entrances clear of snow and ice. Shovel snow right away and apply ice melt to prevent accumulation. Regularly check and maintain these areas, especially during and after winter storms.

Use handrails for help

When available, use handrails for support when navigating stairs or walking along elevated surfaces. They provide additional stability to help prevent slip and fall accidents.

Keep an eye on weather conditions

Check for inclement weather each day, especially before venturing outdoors. Knowing when to expect freezing rain, snow or icy conditions allows you to plan your movements accordingly. Consider delaying non-essential trips during severe weather.

Take care in transition zones

Transition zones like entryways and lobbies pose additional risks during winter. Snow and ice tracked inside on shoes can create slippery conditions. Be aware of these transition zones, and take extra precautions when entering buildings.

Plan your path

Choose paths that are less likely to be icy or slippery. Opt for well-maintained walkways and avoid shortcuts. Steer clear of snow-covered and untreated roads. Planning your path can help you navigate more safely through winter weather conditions.

New York City’s annual snowfall is about 30 inches. Protect yourself from serious slip-and-fall injury this season with these smart safety tips.