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How to avoid being wrongfully blamed after a truck crash

If you are a truck driver and you become involved in a crash, you will want to make sure you do certain things to protect you should you wish to commence litigation or if someone sues you. As in any motor vehicle accident and you are injured do not get out of the car until police or ambulance are on the scene. If you see the other vehicle(s) note the make and model. If you see the license plate jot that down. If you are physically able you should take pictures of the scene. This will help you whether you are suing or you are being sued as an employee for a trucking company. Depending on the circumstances there are many possibilities regarding who is at fault for the collision. It could be the fault of another party, it could be the fault of the trucking company, or it could be your fault.

NTSB Recommends Programs to Prevent Truck/Bus Rollover Accidents

Thirty passengers on a tour bus narrowly escaped injuries when their bus tipped over near Whitney Point, New York last month. The accident coincides with the National Transportation Safety Board's new recommendations for programs to prevent rollover accidents involving commercial trucks and buses.

New York Truck Accident Lawyers Applaud Cell Phone Ban for Truck Drivers

The year 2010 saw encouraging efforts by federal agencies to prevent truck accidents due to distracted driving. It began with a proposal by the US DOT banning texting while driving for commercial motor vehicle drivers, including truck and bus drivers. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration ended the year by announcing a proposal to ban all handheld cell phone use for truck and bus drivers while at the wheel.

New York Truck Drivers May Have 10-Hour Limits to Prevent Accidents

If a new proposal that has been made by the Federal motor carrier Safety Administration and supported by New York truck accident attorneys, is approved, truckers in the state of New York and elsewhere around the country will have a 10-hour limit on the number of hours that they can drive consecutively in a day.

Study Shows Speeding Main Factor in Truck Accidents in 2009

An analysis by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has determined that speeding was the number one factor in truck accidents last year. The analysis is part of the Federal motor carrier Safety Administration's efforts to understand the reasons for the decline in fatal truck accidents last year. In 2009, there was a significant decline of 20.4% in the number of truck accident fatalities in the US. There was also a similar decline in the number of fatal truck accidents last year.

Fatigued, Distracted New York Truck Driver Sentenced to 3 to 9 Years in Fatal Accident

The truck driver, who admitted that he was tired and distracted watching porn on his laptop computer during a fatal crash in NewYork last year, has been sentenced to between 3 to 9 years in prison. Thomas Wallace admitted that he was distracted when he crashed his vehicle into a disabled car. In the car, was a 33-year-old mother, who had stopped her vehicle after hitting a deer. The truck slammed into the disabled car, killing the woman instantly.

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