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Who is liable for an accident on a construction site?

Injuries sustained from an accident on a construction site can be very complex to manage from a legal perspective. There are usually many factors at play in such accidents, and since so few are alike, a great deal of the case is dependent on the circumstances of the accident. If you are a construction worker and you suffer an accident on a construction site, you probably know that you will be entitled to benefits from workers' compensation coverage. What you might not know is that you could also be entitled to compensation from other sources.

Constructions zones can be dangerous

Construction workers are often expected to work in less than ideal conditions, not only because the circumstances of their workplace are subject to rapid change, but also because sometimes reasonable precautions are simply not taken. Unfortunately, many of these workplaces are very public, such as the streets of a busy city or along a major highway. These dangerous conditions can put not only the construction workers, but other bystanders at risk. It's never easy to see victims suffer injury from a problem that could easily have been avoided.

New York construction worker killed in worksite accident

The city of New York can have all kinds of hazards, from wet floors to unsafe pedestrian crossings to dangerous animals. Some of the hazards are accidental, and some of them are just byproducts of the big city, such as construction zones. As New York City continues to grow and expand, more construction is required, but construction sites can often present dangerous property conditions, even to trained workers. Most of the time, reasonable precautions are taken to ensure the safety of construction workers, but this sadly is not always the case.

Construction worker killed in New York elevator shaft accident

There are plenty of jobs that come with health and safety risks. Freak accidents can occur in almost any profession and can cause unexpected damages to workers and unfortunate bystanders, but construction workers can face particularly dangerous circumstances. Construction workers are employed to perform tasks with dangerous, powerful tools in areas that are sometimes, by their very nature, fairly unsafe. While most construction workers understand the risks associated with their profession, that is no reason to excuse employers and property owners when they take negligent actions that cause a construction site to become unreasonably unsafe.

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