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Bicycle accidents are much like car accidents

New York City is no stranger to bicyclists or pedestrians. The excessive traffic and congestion on the busy streets of the Big Apple have caused many people to seek alternative transportation, and in some instances walking or biking are genuinely faster than driving. Alternatively, some people simply seek healthier or more eco-friendly ways to go about commuting. Whatever the reason, there are many people who ride bikes or walk around in New York.

What are New York's bicycle helmet laws?

Depending on your circumstances where you live, what your financial situation is, what your occupation is you may drive a different vehicle than most. The majority of people tend to drive passenger cars, but some prefer motorcycles for their fuel efficiency or other reasons. In New York City, it is not uncommon to see many people on bicycles. There are many benefits to riding bicycles, including exercise and health, reduction in your carbon footprint and, of course, bicycles are much cheaper than cars and motorcycles.

New York bicyclist fatally injured in truck accident

We sometimes talk about vehicle accidents as a hierarchy, almost a food chain in which the smaller vehicles are extremely susceptible to injury from the larger ones. Tractor-trailers and 18-wheelers obviously occupy the top of this list, which descends from large cars and trucks to smaller cars, and finally to motorcycles and bicycles. In most accidents, cars are involved in some way or another because they are the most common types of vehicles. But sometimes, a very large separation of size and weight leads to a catastrophic tragedy.

New York bicycle laws

For many New Yorkers, bicycling is an extremely popular method of transportation. Whether you are seeking to reduce your carbon footprint, find a more cost-efficient method of transportation or you just want to add a bit more exercise into your day, there are many benefits to riding a bicycle around the city. However, if you hope to ride a bicycle on the streets of New York, it is very important to understand the state's laws governing bicycle travel.

New York bicyclist fatally injured in accident

It is no secret that New York is a very popular place for bikers, with many people opting to ride bicycles in the interest of saving energy, reaping the health benefits or simply because they enjoy a nice bike ride to work or around the park. However, it is also no secret that these bikers can be involved in serious accidents from multiple sides. If the bicyclists ride on sidewalks or in parks, they run the risk of striking and injuring pedestrians, for example.

Legal help with complex bicycle accidents

Bicycle accidents are an interesting case because depending on the circumstances, a bicyclist could be the victim or the aggressor. Bicycles are fairly common on the busy streets of New York, and as bike messengers or delivery workers speed about to meet their deadlines, they may cut corners when they can. This can include weaving in and out of traffic, biking on sidewalks or even biking through public areas. Such behavior can put many people at risk of injury.

Bicycle-pedestrian accidents in New York City

It is one thing to talk about bicycle accidents in New York City and how they threaten pedestrians going about their business in the city, but it is another to show just how real the threat is. A joint study between many different New York City Departments analyzed the fatalities and injuries associated with bicyclists over a 10 year period, and while much of the reports focus on bicyclists as victims, there is also a look at the effects of bicyclists on pedestrians.

Central park receives new safety measures for pedestrians

In many states, bicycles are a disrespected form of transportation, and bicyclists often find themselves on the losing end of collisions that were caused by the negligence of car drivers. While this may be true in parts of New York as well, there is a bit of role reversal in the city, where bicyclists play the part of large motor vehicles, and pedestrians are often the victims of serious injury. The results are bicycle accidents that can leave pedestrians in the hospital. The problem has reached the point where new safety measures are being put in place to help protect pedestrians.

Bicycle injuries in New York showing a steady decline

Riding a bicycle is an efficient, economical and environmentally friendly way to get around. However, it is an unfortunate fact that many cyclists are injured every year on the roads of New York and throughout the United States. In fact, to help protect its cyclists, New York City has introduced a numerical rating system known as the Cycling Risk Indicator.

How risky is bicycling in New York City?

Bicycling is a very common form of transportation in New York City, especially for employees who must arrive at their destination quickly, such as pizza deliverers. Other residents are simply looking for a healthier, cheaper or greener transportation alternative. With this mode of transportation comes many of the same risks as traditional motor vehicles, including accidents. Bicycle accidents are very similar to car accidents because bicyclists are expected to follow many of the same rules as other drivers.

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