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Injured in a car accident? We can help

There are many different types of motor vehicle accidents that could occur, including pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents and more. Due to the population density of New York City, it is likely that there are more types of these accidents than in other places, especially since so many New Yorkers choose to walk or bike through the city. However, simply due to the sheer number of passenger cars on the road, car accidents still make up the majority of motor vehicle accidents in the state.

Legal aid can help car accident victims recover compensation

If you have ever driven on the streets of New York, then you are probably aware of just how hectic and dangerous the streets of the Big Apple are. As if the excessive amount of vehicles traveling bumper to bumper throughout the streets were not enough, there are also bicyclists riding alongside or sometimes in between gaps in traffic and also pedestrians attempting to cross the street while all the drivers and riders are in a rush.

Where can I find information regarding car accidents?

If you have been injured in a car accident, you likely have a great deal of questions, ranging from what you can expect from insurance companies to how much information you need to collect and perhaps even to whether or not you can file a lawsuit. Car accidents are often very complex legal issues, and especially shortly after being involved in one, people may be confused or anxious about what the future will hold. It is understandable to seek additional information.

New York man convicted of DWI following fatal accident

When it comes to car accident personal injury claims, it can sometimes be very difficult to get the compensation you deserve because there is simply not enough evidence to determine who was truly at fault in the accident. This is generally the hardest part about making a successful claim because even eyewitness testimony can sometimes be unreliable, and reconstructing accidents is a difficult and complex process. However, there are some instances in which no investigations or reconstructions are required, and fault can be easily determined based on certain factors.

Legal aid for car accident victims

Car accidents are among the most dangerous threats that the average American can face, simply because of the massive amount of cars that are on the road. Combined with the number of distractions that drivers face, such as billboards and cell phones, and it is actually surprising that car accidents happen as rarely as they do. This is because most drivers practice safe, defensive driving habits in order to avoid an accident.

Distracted drivers can cause serious accidents

New York is notorious for its crowded streets and dense population, complete with daily traffic that will put even the most seasoned of drivers on edge. Thousands of accidents occur annually in the city and state of New York, and some of them are tragic freak accidents that nobody could have avoided or predicted. However, it would be erroneous to say that all accidents are unavoidable, and there are plenty of them that may have been prevented if drivers had only paid more attention.

Fatal, multicar accident occurs in New York

Many people are wary of being involved in car accidents because it is well-known just how much property damage and physical damage can be suffered in a car accident. Because of this, most drivers practice defensive driving techniques and do all that they can to avoid accidents. Even relatively low-impact, low-speed accidents between two vehicles can cause whiplash and property damage that may require out-of-pocket expenses, especially depending on the size of the cars. Naturally, the more cars are involved, the more damage usually results from the accident.

Police involved in New York car accident

It is not uncommon to see police vehicles at the scene of an accident. In fact, calling the police should be (and usually is) the first course of action for people involved in a car accident, as not only can police provide an authoritative legal perspective to an accident, but the testimony and notes they take in the accident can be crucial to a court hearing. But recently in New York, police were involved in an accident in a different way.

Multi-vehicle accident occurs in Queens

While car accidents do not happen extremely often, one would not usually consider them rare either. Many people know that car accidents are a real threat, and they treat them as such. What are exceedingly less common but even more threatening are multicar accidents, which usually cause much more damage than a single or double-car accident, both to people and property. Such was the case recently in Queens, when a multi-vehicle crash injured 17 people, damaged two cars and a school bus, and also collided with a building.

It is not wrong to seek compensation after an accident

It does not seem necessary to tell people that car accidents are dangerous, yet even though people try to avoid them, car accidents are responsible for injuring tens of thousands of New York citizens every year. The unfortunate truth is that car accidents can happen to anyone at any time. It only takes one person slipping up for one second to cause an accident, and victims will likely be left with injuries and unexpected bills. In the worst case, victims may be killed.

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