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Things to consider when injured by a product

You have probably heard that you can recover compensation if you are injured by a defective product, but the particular issues of a product liability claim may be foreign to you. An in-depth understanding of product liability claims is often crucial to a successful case. Because there are so many different parties involved in creating a product and putting it in the hands of a consumer, it is usually impossible to tell who is truly at fault for an injury.

Legal defense for improperly mixed drugs

When we think of defective products, we often think of kitchen appliances, electronic devices or even power tools that could overheat and cause a fire or come apart and cause penetration or cutting injuries. It is entirely possible that such situations could arise, and such product liabilities are perhaps even the most likely scenarios, but there are other types of product liability that could cause even greater harm depending on the circumstances.

Can I be compensated if a product had no warning label?

While most companies do everything that they can in order to put out products that are as safe as possible, there are some products that simply pose dangers no matter what. Often, these products will come with a warning label in order to prevent consumers from injuring themselves, but some products choose not to label a product, or the label is not clearly visible. What you should know as a consumer is that there are requirements for warning labels, and failure to provide those labels can see you compensated.

Cordless drills recalled due to fire hazard

We use products of all shapes, sizes and kinds on a daily basis, expecting that they are safe because of the regulations in place to keep dangerous products off of the market. Unfortunately, dangerous products sometimes find their way into the hands of consumers anyway, either because of unforeseen flaws in design or even unintended errors in manufacturing. The good news is that when such dangers are discovered, many companies are quick to issue recalls in order to protect consumers.

Legal aid for victims of defective products in New York

What is perhaps the most frightening thing about product liability accidents is the vast scope in which they can occur, and how there is no telling what product may cause an injury or how serious that injury may be. For example, you could have a defective toy that seriously bruises your child, or you could have a faulty smoke detector that fails to alert you of a fire, causing your house to burn down.

Hoodie drawstring poses risk of injury

Here in New York, we are no strangers to cold, wet weather. Especially as the year draws to an end and winter comes ever closer, more and more people will be breaking out their coats and sweaters to combat the dropping temperatures. For children who have grown since this time last year, many parents will likely be purchasing new clothes to help the youngsters stay warm and relatively dry, but even hoodie purchases can be dangerous.

What is New York's defective product statute of limitations?

For any case, whether it be civil or criminal, it is extremely important to be aware of the statute of limitations, because if its time-limit expires, it is almost impossible to file a claim, no matter how valid the claim may be. This can become even more complex when you consider that the statute of limitations varies depending on the type of case, and each type of case may have a different statute of limitations depending on the state.

New York's statute of limitations for product liability

One of the less well-known but very important aspects of personal injury law deals with product liability claims. Product liability claims refer to instances in which a consumer was injured by a defective or dangerous product, especially in instances in which the danger or defect is caused by negligence on the part of the manufacturer, designer or distributor. However, even if you are injured by a defective product, you will need to act relatively quickly if you hope to be compensated.

Understanding automobile recalls

We use many different products in our daily lives, but it is arguable that nothing is more important than our automobiles. Our cars take us to and from our places of work; we drive them to the grocery store. There is perhaps no single product that we use so consistently and with such importance, and yet cars are a bit of a double-edged sword in that they are also arguably the most dangerous products we use.

Product liability could apply to any product

No matter how well you think you understand product liability, you may find yourself surprised by just how much it could apply to. It seems simple: being injured because of a defective product, such as a seatbelt that does not lock properly, could allow you to make a successful product liability claim. But in its simplicity, you may overlook something. It is important to remember that any product that causes injury, including things like laundry detergent pods, could be grounds for product liability.

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