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Products Liability

Most product defects are nothing more than annoyances. You buy something, discover it does not work, take it back and just move on with your life.

Others, like the water heater that starts a house fire or the SUV prone to rollover accidents, have far more serious consequences.

At Godosky & Gentile, we represent people who have been injured by dangerous and defective products in New York City and throughout the surrounding areas of New York. Our firm is recognized for meticulous case preparation and for the results we have been able to achieve for the thousands of satisfied clients we have helped over the years.

For a free consultation with an experienced lawyer and an honest assessment of your claims — call 212-742-9700, or contact us online today.

Common Types Of Defective Products Include:

Experience And Resources Required

Defective product claims are complex. Considerations include the manufacturer’s, engineer’s or designer’s compliance with federal safety and professional practice standards, technology issues, expert testimony requirements, potential federal pre-emption of state law, and the high-dollar amounts that product makers and insurers have at stake.

Combined — these issues make it essential to have experienced legal representation and attorneys with the resources required to overcome strong corporate and insurance company efforts to avoid liability.

At Godosky & Gentile, we choose to accept only a limited number of cases each year so that for each matter we do accept, and each client we represent — we can devote the resources and attention needed to prevail in the courtroom setting.

We are always happy to help.

Attention To Detail…Outstanding Client Service
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Our firm offers free initial consultations and flexible appointment scheduling for your convenience. We accept no legal fees for handling defective product claims unless a verdict or settlement is obtained on your behalf. You can call us at 212-742-9700, or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation.

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