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Firm Overview

Founded by two renowned personal injury and medical malpractice attorneys, the law firm of Godosky & Gentile serves the needs of injured clients throughout New York City and the tri-state area. Our firm provides each client with the best qualities of both large and small law firms; we have the experience level and capabilities of a large firm, along with the kind of personal attention and accessibility that only a smaller practice can offer.

Many law firms refer their cases to us for trial based upon not only our reputation for achieving results, but also for the outstanding level of personal attention we have become known to provide. We welcome these referrals, as they serve as the highest form of compliment and a testament to the exceptional representation we offer.

How We Work

In all legal matters, our approach is simple and direct: Pay attention to detail and meticulously prepare every case to win at trial. Even if a case settles before trial, this diligent preparation allows us to put your case in the strongest position possible during settlement negotiations. Should a trial be necessary, our familiarity with the intricacies and nuances of the case allow us to aggressively pursue a favorable outcome on behalf of our clients.

Our Practice

Having used this approach successfully for decades, we have had some of the largest settlements and verdict awards in New York state’s history. This includes numerous successes in matters related to:

We have also been one of the firms representing members of the New York City Fire Department for numerous injuries arising out of the Sept. 11 attacks and their aftermath.

In addition to personal injury matters, our attorneys handle a variety of civil and commercial disputes for clients that range from real estate developers and independent fiduciaries to regional businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

Law Office
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The Trust And Respect Of Our Peers In The Legal Community

In addition to the referrals our law firm receives, lawyers and judges throughout the state turn to Godosky & Gentile when they themselves need legal representation. We are regularly retained by attorneys and judges who face disciplinary actions by the Departmental Disciplinary Committees and the Commission on Judicial Conduct — our attorneys have represented dozens of judges and attorneys in this capacity and are widely viewed as pre-eminent authorities in matters of professional responsibility, ethics and disciplinary actions.

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