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When is force by police unreasonable?

There have been many high profile cases in the media in recent years about police using unreasonable or excessive force. Many continue to be confused about what type of behavior is considered unreasonable, and when victims should think about taking action against law enforcement for the way they were treated by police officers.

The good news is that many police officers are now required to carry body cameras so that incidents are recorded on camera. This can be very helpful to victims of police brutality when they want to take their cases to court. If you were arrested by police or you had an encounter with police and you believe that they used excessive force, it is important that you take action so that justice can be done.

Supermarket slip-and-falls can be dangerous

New York shoppers may be all too aware of the dangers that could lurk on the supermarket floor, but it is still necessary to go out for groceries. This underlies the responsibility of store owners to provide a safe environment for their customers who come to buy much-needed goods. Because of the products involved and the fast flow of traffic at a grocery store, ongoing maintenance is necessary to avoid potentially dangerous accidents. Spills and debris on the floor can be disastrous for customers who step in the wrong place and fall as a result.

Businesses like grocery stores that welcome customers from the general public have a responsibility to provide well-maintained, safe premises. Nonetheless, the most common cause of insurance claims from supermarkets are slip and fall accidents. These accidents can be caused by papers dropped on the ground or a slippery spill of oil or juice. When customers fall in the supermarket, more than simple embarrassment or discomfort may be at stake. These kinds of injuries can lead to brain trauma, concussions, broken bones, injured joints and other serious, long-lasting damage.

Falls from height can happen at work

If you work in the construction industry in the state of New York, you have a significantly higher risk of being injured while in the workplace than, say, an office worker. This is because there are many hazards that are associated with construction sites. These include the operation and presence of heavy machinery, toxic chemicals, the danger of falling objects and structures, and, of course, the propensity for workers to work from heights.

When a person falls from height, serious injuries and even death can occur. While the height itself can be a significant factor in the seriousness of the fall, it is possible to suffer life changing injuries even when falling from relatively small elevations. Falling from elevations of just one or two meters can prove to be serious, especially when the person falls on their head or back.

Man accuses welfare agency officer of assault

A man has accused an officer at the Human Resources Administration in New York City of assaulting him when he tried to apply for food stamps. It's the second abuse claim leveled at the agency in less than a month.

In early August, a local TV station aired a report on a woman who said she was sexually assaulted by an HRA peace officer in 2017. The officer was convicted of the crime and sentenced to five years in prison. After seeing that news story, a man came forward to say that he had been physically assaulted by another HRA peace officer in April. He said he got into a verbal disagreement with the officer while trying to apply for food stamps. During the exchange, the officer allegedly threw him against a wall, handcuffed him and took him to a back room. Once they were in the room, the officer reportedly punched him in the head until he fell to the ground and then kicked his body until he lost consciousness.

Get workers' compensation no matter your legal status

Anyone can get injured at work, and as long as you are employed by a company, you should have the right to compensation for your injury.

Many undocumented immigrants in the state of New York get injured every year. There is a great deal of confusion as to where the law stands on undocumented immigration and workers' compensation. It is vital that, as an injured worker, you take the time to understand your rights so that you can stand up for yourself.

Driving in no-zones can cause truck accidents

If you are a truck driver and have been involved in an accident with a car, you may be worried that you will be held responsible for the accident. Trucks, of course, have a large force and can add to the seriousness of any collision. However, there are many times when truck drivers, no matter how competent, can simply not avoid being in a crash. This is often due the negligent or reckless actions of another driver.

As a truck driver, it is important that you take immediate measures to ensure the safety of those involved in the accident, and that you try to preserve as much evidence as possible. This can be done by taking lots of pictures of the crash before law enforcement officers arrive. In addition, you should attempt to get the details of witnesses so that they can give a neutral explanation of what happened.

What every driver should know to stay safe

Drivers in New York should be attentive to the road, be defensive against the unsafe maneuvers of other drivers, operate under a safe driving plan and ensure safe driving practices at all times. These are the top four tips given by Nationwide for reducing the risk of accidents.

Being attentive means not becoming distracted by electronic devices or even by conversations inside the vehicle. It also means not speeding because this can shorten a driver's time to react against emergency situations. Keeping a two-second gap with the car in front and checking blind spots before changing lanes are two instances of defensive driving. In a safe driving plan, drivers should take into account rest breaks and other stops and make sure their mirrors, seat and climate control are adjusted.

The terrifying reality of left-turn motorcycle accidents

When you learned how to ride a motorcycle, you started thinking through different tactics you would use if you ever got in an accident. Should you swerve or lay the bike down if someone cut you off? If a vehicle was going to rear-end you in traffic, could you quickly dart around the car in front of you? In a case where a driver was going to merge into you, could you ride safely on the shoulder of the road to get out of the way?

Essentially, you thought about avoidance. You trusted your skills. You trusted your reactions. By planning ahead, you felt like you could get out of situations that may cause accidents for other riders.

Sexual harassment common in media and entertainment

A recent study from the New York-based nonprofit group Center for Talent Innovation suggests that the entertainment business is not a very friendly place for women. After polling 3,213 college-educated men and women working white-collar jobs in eight industries, the think tank discovered that sexual harassment and discrimination was particularly prevalent among women employed in the media and entertainment sector.

About 41 percent of the women working in media and entertainment said that they had received unwelcome sexual advances or been exposed to inappropriate language or behavior while at work. The financial services sector, which has earned a reputation for being hostile to women, emerged as the industry with the lowest number of sexual harassment complaints. The study also reveals that harassers are usually managers or supervisors and are predominantly men. Almost three-quarters of the women who reported being treated inappropriately by colleagues said that their bosses had harassed them, and more than half of the male victims said that their abusers were men.

Motorcycle safety: Back to the basics

Whether you have recently purchased your first motorcycle or you are a veteran rider, safety should always be a priority. If you are an experienced rider, you probably already know that you cannot depend on motorists and truckers to take your safety into consideration. This means that if you want to reduce your chances of having an accident, it is up to you to take every precaution possible.

Riding in and around New York City brings daily hazards. No matter how comfortable you feel on your bike, it never hurts to follow the most basic safety tips. Before you go for your next ride, brush up on the following basic motorcycle safety tips.

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