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Hospital Negligence

Some instances of medical malpractice are caused not just by the mistake or negligence of a doctor — but also by the practices, policies and decisions of hospital administrators that force doctors and other staff members to work under less than ideal conditions.

If you feel as though you have been the victim of hospital negligence — have your claim evaluated by an attorney at one of the most prominent and respected litigation law firms in New York City.

Staffing Issues Are A Major Factor In Hospital Malpractice Suits

The major problems of understaffed facilities include:

  • Fatigue: Common sense says that a physician error, doctor mistake or nursing error is much more likely to occur when providers are forced to work as long as 24 hours or more without rest in understaffed hospitals.

  • Demand: Overcrowded emergency rooms, clinics and hospitals are common in urban areas such as New York City. When understaffed, patients receive little attention and conditions that have ambiguous symptoms like cancer, heart attacks and strokes are easily missed.

  • Supervision and Training: Understaffed facilities also see more problems directly related to their employees. Thorough background checks on prospective staff members may not be done. Consistent procedures may not be followed. Patients may be abused or suffer injuries as a result.

Attention To Detail And Careful Preparation

Whatever the facts and circumstances of your case are — you can rest assured that at Godosky & Gentile, both you and your case will receive an outstanding level of legal care and attention.

This is because we choose to accept fewer cases and to focus instead on meticulously preparing each one to prevail at trial from the very beginning. This philosophy and approach has resulted in some of the largest hospital and medical malpractice recoveries in New York and often translates into more reasonable settlement offers from defendants.

Our firm offers free initial consultations and flexible appointment scheduling for your convenience. We accept no legal fees for handling hospital malpractice cases unless a verdict or settlement is obtained on your behalf. You can call us at 212-742-9700, or contact us online.

We are always happy to help.

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