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Getting A Fair Settlement After A Cellar Door Fall

Sidewalks in New York City are notoriously busy. With hundreds of people bustling along the streets, it can be hard to keep aware of your surroundings and the potential dangers around you. With so much going on around you, falling in a cellar door or a grate can be a likely outcome.

At Godosky & Gentile, P.C., we can help you file a personal injury claim after such an accident to help you cover the costs of your injuries. When a cellar door is more than half an inch below the sidewalk, the cellar door owner may be liable for your injuries. As your legal representation, our job is to build the strongest possible claim to earn the compensation you deserve.

Getting Fair Compensation

A personal injury on someone else’s property may cost you far more than you think. We want your compensation to reflect all of your costs including:

  • Current and future medical expenses

  • Lost income during recovery

  • Property damage


Negotiation is often the faster method of securing compensation, which is why we often look to explore this option of settling your personal injury claim. However, if negotiations cannot yield the results you deserve, we are more than prepared to fight for you through litigation. You deserve an attorney you can trust to do what it takes to help you, and that is exactly what you can find at our firm.

We are always happy to help.

Begin Your Claim Today

Medical bills and other monthly costs do not wait for you to recover from your injuries. Let us help you get the settlement you need as soon as possible by scheduling your initial consultation today. Call  212-742-9700 or email us here

and begin pursuing the money you need after your fall.

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